Sunday, February 27, 2011

Final Payment is Due - MARCH 1st!

Just a reminder everyone...  
Final Payment is DUE MARCH 1st!

If you are putting it in the mail tomorrow, please send me an email and let me know!  I don't like to be pushy, but the new hotel, I am under different requirements, so if you haven't paid, please let me know your intentions... SOON!  
So, come on!  Don't delay!  You don't want to miss THIS retreat!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Are You Ready for SWAPS!!!

Ok... Here we go!  SWAPS!!!  This is going to be a bit different this year.  Read on and if you have any questions, ask Beth and/or Suzy Bruner!!!  Yeah... not MY inbox!  Just kidding!!!  Click HERE to email them!

Deadline for swap sign-ups will be March 31... for both.

And remember, you get an EXTRA DRAWING TICKET for EACH Swap (that's 1 for the Cards Swap and 1 for the Embellishment Swap - maximum of 2 tickets) that you sign up for AND complete!!!   

3 categories:   
  • Adult Birthday
  • Child Birthday
  • Thinking of You
Depending on how many sign up:  if 10 or more sign up for a category, you make 10 cards and get 10 back.  So if we have 15 people for child birthday, each one makes 10 cards and gets 10 different ones back (they would not get back one of their own.)  You would not get every card, it would just be random.  If 10 sign up, you get one of each including your own.  If less than 10 sign up, we would advise the group to make that number of cards, eight people = eight cards for example.

After reading that, here's a couple of questions with answers.
What size?  Any size is fine
Include envelopes? Envelopes are preferred, especially if you use non-traditional size cards 
How should I package them?All in one zip lock bag with your first/last name and which swap category it is on it (adult birthday, child birthday, thinking of you)
How do I label them?  If you want to label each card on the back you can, so people know which one you did.  Either way you also need to put your first / last name and which swap it is on your zip lock bag.
Can I join more than one Card Swap?  Yes, the more you do, the more variety you end up with! 

1.  Ribbon/Fiber Swap.  There would be two groups of six people.   We can do more groups if there is more interest but these are the two color categories:
A.  red - yellow - blue - purple - orange - green
B.  black - white - brown - metallic - pink - light blue

Here is how this one works:  you sign up for a particular color.   (You can email us OR you can comment on the Blog to do that).  First one to pick a color gets it.  Then you bring 6 yards of identical ribbon or fiber.  It does not have to be solid color, as long as it is predominantly the color you chose.  Cut these in 1 yard lengths.  Turn your ribbon/fiber in at the retreat and you get back 6 different ones, including the one you submitted.

2.  Embellishment Swap:  Also done by color (predominantly the color you choose).  You assemble six (6) identical "kits" of three (3) different embellishments each.  Some ideas to choose from:  
·        buttons (4 pc)
·        brads / eyelets (5 pc)
·        paper / silk flowers (3 pc)
·        rhinestones (5 pc)
·        1 yard fiber / ribbon
·        a sheet or half sheet of stickers
·        die cuts (1 large or 2-3 small)
·        a stamped image on cardstock. 

You get back sets for each of the six colors in your group, including the one you submit.
A.  red - yellow - blue - purple - orange - green
B.  black - white - brown - metallic - pink - light blue
Here is how this one works:  you can choose to just put colored embellishments together with no theme, or you can choose a theme that goes with your color.  For example if you pick orange you could do Halloween or Autumn.  Pink or light blue could be baby boy / baby girl theme.  Your die cuts or stamped images can go along with your theme.  If you don't have a theme you could still do die cuts of flowers or animals that go with the color you have.  When I say identical kits, some things can be slightly different, for example buttons and paper flowers.

Categories will be:
A1 - yellow, red, blue, purple, green, yellow
B1 - black, white, brown, metallic, pink, light blue

and A2, B2, A3, B3, etc. if we need more groups.  Colors for A* and B* will remain the same.  We will let you know which group you are in by posting on the Blog and emailing participants.

How should I package them?  i.e. make a kit?  The ribbons / fiber can all be in one zip lock bag together.  Each set of 3 embellishments needs to be in its own zip lock bag.  So you'll have six baggies.  To help keep it more organized, please put these in another bag, whether a plastic WalMart bag or another zip lock bag.
How do I label them? 
For the Ribbons/Fibers:  Put your first/last name and which group swap you are in on the outside of the zip lock bag.  Either write it with Sharpie or use a stick on label.
For the Embellishments:  Put your first / last name on each embellishment bag, and which group swap you are turning it in for.
Can I do more than one Embellishment Swap?  Yes, the more you do, the more variety you end up with!

So, come on!  This is going to be fun!  I love card swaps, but I LOVE the idea of the Embellishment SWAPS!  Can't wait!

If either of these ladies are in your group, please make sure to share these emails with them (and I'd SO appreciate getting emails for them if you have them, then I wouldn't have to bug YOU!)

Ame Kepley
Cathey Hicks

Monday, February 21, 2011

Time to Order T-Shirts - by March 15th

Tshirt frontTshirt back

After that Blogging email... THIS one is going to be a BREEZE!!!

Here is the front and back of the Tshirts I've designed for this year...

And yes, it's time to order T-Shirts!  I have found a local vendor who is giving me a great deal this year.  You can pick from 6 different colors AND the pricing is less than last year!  So, check it out!  Can't decide?  Order a couple in different colors!  Wear a different one every day of the Retreat!  Don't you just love options!  Here's the pricing... it's a flat price, no tax, no shipping and it's easy...

Small to 2XL - $11.00 per shirt
3XL to 6XL - $15.00 per shirt

Doesn't get any easier than that!  You just need to let me know what you want by March 15th.  You can pay ahead (and earn an EXTRA DRAWING TICKET) or pay at the retreat (no extra ticket for that!)

And here are the colors you can choose from...

Candy PinkCandy Pink       
Violet Violet
Lemon YellowLemon Yellow
TurquoiseAquatic Blue

So, if you would like to order, let me know before March 15th. 

If any of these 5 ladies are in your group, please make sure to share these emails with them (and I'd SO appreciate getting emails for them if you have them, then I wouldn't have to bug YOU!)

Ame Kepley
Brenda Beamer
Cathey Hicks
Duska Carter
Erica Pennington

Sunday, February 20, 2011

FIRST CALL - Tombow Orders

I will be ordering Tombows on March 15th. 
Click HERE for a listing of what I can order as well as pricing.  Every TOMBOW order gets you an EXTRA DRAWING Ticket, too!  (and if you've already given me your order, I have already credited you your ticket!) 
If you need anything, let me know. 
You can pay by credit card, check or cash.

This is the first request...  
I will be reminding you again before I order!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How Excited Are You?

Hi, Everyone!  Oh, My!  I cannot believe we are now within 60 DAYS of the retreat!!  WOOHOO!!  I'm getting excited... are any of you?  (NOTE...This is a CLUE!  Leave a comment and tell me... and 60 of your closest scrapbook retreat friends... just how excited you are... leaving a comment will earn you ONE Extra Drawing Ticket!)

Some of you know me and some of you don't.  One thing you NEED to know about me is our BLOG is where things happen... in fact... THIS email message is already out there!  And, this is the VERY FIRST OPPORTUNITY to win an EXTRA DRAWING TICKET!!!  ALL you have to do is go to the blog... enter a comment and THAT's IT!!!

Now, I realize, some of you are BLOG CHALLENGED!  And that's okay!  If you can't figure it out (and please promise me you will TRY!), you can email your "message" back to me and I will put the comment on the blog for you.  This is VERY important to me.  I am just bribing you with a ticket, but I really, really, really need for you to try to comment here.  If you try and it just doesn't work, please email me and tell me what you tried to do and what it told you.

You see, the blog is where our ***PRE-RETREAT CONTESTS*** will be held and you are going to want to know that because this is how you earn EXTRA DRAWING TICKETS!  AND, it's where I pass along information.  It's way easier for me to do and it's a great one-stop-shop for you to find EVERYTHING in this one place!

One more thing... Beth and Suzy Bruner are going to host our swaps this year!  They have some AWESOME ideas and I'm just turning it over to them.  They've got lots of experience AND patience!  So, be watching your emails as you will be hearing from them soon, I'm sure!

So, go ahead... COMMENT!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Ok... It's Time to Get Busy!

I worked on retreat stuff last night and WOW!  I cannot believe it!  WE ARE SO FULL!!!  60 scrapbookers is a LOT, especially for 4 DAYS!!!

Are you ready?  Have you been thinking about it?  I'm wanting to start a contest or something to get people signed up as a follower of THIS blog... I'm open to ideas!  Giving tickets away is obvious!  Give me another idea... and leave it here in the comments.

Let's get this party STARTED!