Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Retreat Location Change

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and got everything you wanted!  I plan to scrapbook all New Years' weekend!  Doesn't that sound heavenly?  And once I get all of these holidays behind me, I am going to be focusing on the Spring Retreat!  Is anyone with me!!!

But for now, I have some information I'd like to share.  Around 9pm on December 6th (I believe it was), I received an email from Cobblestone Inn advising that the hotel was going into foreclosure and would be closing on December 12th.   Well, can you imagine my panic... I was saying to myself "where am I going to find a place big enough to hold all of us, on the exact same date, for the same prices and who will let me do what I need to do in this short amount of time!!!"  Ok, I wasn't SAYING it to myself... I was SCREAMING it to myself!

My priority was to get the same dates (they are) and make no change to you in the price (there isn't) and provide basically the same quality retreat for your money (I think I will!). 

After spending a sleepless night, I got busy the next day, made several calls and found a place to accommodate us.  So the 2011 Crazy Cropper Spring Retreat is officially moving to Stone Castle (formerly Settle Inn).  We will be in the Stonehenge Conference Room.  Here is some information you may find interesting.

1.       We will all be in the first building (registration level)
2.       The Scrap Room is right by the registration desk
3.       Loading and unloading is flat and under cover (speaking of loading and unloading, we will have a designated valet boy to assist you with loading and unloading.  He can accept tips if you like.  I will have to designate a timeframe for him to be available, but I will let you know that as we get closer)
4.       Everyone will be pre-registered, you just need to check in
5.       Parking is very close and convenient

1.       All of our rooms will be in the same building as the Scrap Room...not even a foot has to step outside the whole time you are there!
2.       The rooms are comparable in size, however, Stone Castle has queen beds (Cobblestone had full)
3.       Due to beds and furniture being bigger, they do not have rollaways available (if your group is 5 or more, I have a plan for you! We'll talk soon!)
4.       There are no refrigerators in the room.  They can put one in there for you (if you have a medical need, there is no charge.  If it's for convenience, I think they said $10 per night)

1.       The room is 4,000 square feet.  Cobblestone was a little over 5,000.  We will be a little tighter, but let's call is COZY!  I've been down there twice and I'm going back again to measure, but I really think it will be fine... really, I do!
2.       You will get a full 8ft table instead of a 6ft table and one to share.
3.       Lighting is not as good, so you will want to consider bringing a personal lamp
4.       Here's a really cool thing... the Crop Room will be open 24 hours!  (you "die-hards" will LOVE that!)
5.       We will have a separate room where we will eat.  It's only 20 steps down the hall, so it's real close.
6.       There is a nice lobby area right outside the Crop Room so you can go take a break and stretch out on nice cushy furniture, if you like!  And there is even a computer out there!
7.       There is free WI-FI.
8.       I'm still working out the food!  But all meals will be onsite.
9.       We will still be able to bring out soda and snacks and I will still have unlimited iced tea, lemonade and coffee.
10.   Even thought the Branson Scrapbook store has sold, they are still going to be our on-site store

I may have missed some, but I sure didn't mean to.  This has been quite a challenge, but I do believe it's all taken care of.  My goal is to make this event change seamless to you except where you stop your car!  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.  I think I have addressed all of my issues with the hotel, but you may have something I still need to work out!

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  1. Can't wait! I don't know what I am going to work on but just be glad to get away and have fun with some cool ladies.