Monday, November 1, 2010

November 1st... can you believe it?

I cannot believe it is already November 1st!  It's not going to be long before the snow starts flying and will be yearning for Spring!  And what a great way to usher in Spring than to attend my Spring Crazy Cropper Retreat! 

Rest assured planning is in full swing!  I've already purchased some prizes!  And, of course, the hotel is booked and my filing system is all set up and I'm working some 63 CRAZY CROPPERS trying to registration settled down!  I love the chaotic time of registration.  Some people are "yep... sign me up and here's all my money!".  Some people are more like "yep... sign me up, here's my deposit...I can't wait!".  And some people are like "well, I want to go, but I'm not sure about my schedule, so send me a warning email telling me you are getting officially full!".  I love them ALL!  Oh, and I totally forgot to mention those who say "hey... I heard about your retreats from so and so and I want in!"  and I have to tell these ladies "I know, I know... I'll have to put you on a waiting list because I do have people who have priority!".

Which one are you?  Don't delay too long if you aren't #1 or #2!  You want in for SURE and you know it!

I'm still debating with myself on a theme.  But as most of you know, I don't put a lot into themes, I'd rather spend the $200 it would take to decorate and use it for PRIZES for you ALL!!  But, that's just me!  I hope you all agree!!!

Well, I'm off to work (yep, I'm back full time and in full swing... well, almost full swing... still limping a bit, but I'm getting there!)!

Have a great week you great bunch of CRAZY CROPPERS!


  1. Janis, I can't believe that you mentioned the "S" word so early... NO SNOW!!! I'm sure after what will appear to be a long winter we all will be ready for Spring, warm weather, and lots of bright color!!! Can't wait.

    Vickie M.

  2. Yep, I'm excited for sure. We had so much fun this fall and I'm hoping to get even more done at your spring retreat. We're putting out the last of our Christmas decorations this weekend and I'm getting into shopping mode. I love this time of year with the crisp cool air, but I can do without the ice and snow. It's a GREAT time to stay inside, drink hot cocoa, and play with paper crafts!