Wednesday, March 2, 2011

List of Attendees

Well, here goes!  Here is the list of attendees.  I know a lot of people like to see who all is coming and by putting it on here, it helps me, too! And probably those Swap Coordinators, Beth and Suzy!  And, I'm very pleased to announce I have emails for everyone who has email!  Ladies, can you believe we are only 7 weeks out from the retreat?  I can't wait.  I am SO ready to be there, be set up and be greeting all of you wonderful people!  Old friend and new friends.  I can't wait.

Alexa Martin
Alisa Stanton
Ame Kepley
Barb Francis
Becky Pearce
Berdina Beamer
Beth Bruner
Bettyann Shuert
Brenda Beamer
Brenda Boyd
Brenda Stewart
Carol Adkins
Cathey Hicks
Cathy Troy
Dawn Grizzell
Debbie Hill
Duska Carter
Erica Pennington
Gwenda Warner
Heather Cottle-Dillon
Holli Harter
Janis Purves
Jennifer Hendzlik
Jessie Kelb
Judi Hough
Julie Netland
Julie Windle
Karol Conine
Kim Lewin
Laura Huffman
Lavon McGinnis
Lennette Davis
Lindsey Amschler
Lori Ball
Lyla Crawford
Mel Davis
Michelle Leigh
Miranda Paladino
Missy Kaiser
Myriam Boter
Pam McEntire
Pam Thiesen
Pat Reitmeyer
Patricia Ervin
Rebecca Clark
Reness Nasca
Rita May
Robin Kimery
Ruth Haley
Suzy Bruner
T.C. Sanford
Tammie Patton
Tammy Flippen
Terry Hinson
Toni Huffman
Tysha Shay
Vickie Matthew Alcorn


  1. Oh my goodness, that's quite a list. You've got to promise there won't be a quiz!

  2. Yeah! I'm the only Michelle!

  3. A quiz....hmmmmm.... note to self....

  4. NO, please NO Quiz!! I've just figured it up and before the retreat I'll have 15 quizes and 3 exams with my schoolwork. I'll forge a note from my parent to get out of another quiz.