Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Re-Posting of SWAPS!!!

It's been a while, so we wanted to re-post the info on SWAPS!  
 Ok... Here we go!  SWAPS!!!  This is going to be a bit different this year.  Read on and if you have any questions, ask Beth and/or Suzy Bruner!!!  Yeah... not MY inbox!  Just kidding!!!  Click HERE to email them!

Deadline for swap sign-ups will be March 31... for both.

And remember, you get an EXTRA DRAWING TICKET for EACH Swap (that's 1 for the Cards Swap and 1 for the Embellishment Swap - maximum of 2 tickets) that you sign up for AND complete!!!   

3 categories:   
  • Adult Birthday
  • Child Birthday
  • Thinking of You
Depending on how many sign up:  if 10 or more sign up for a category, you make 10 cards and get 10 back.  So if we have 15 people for child birthday, each one makes 10 cards and gets 10 different ones back (they would not get back one of their own.)  You would not get every card, it would just be random.  If 10 sign up, you get one of each including your own.  If less than 10 sign up, we would advise the group to make that number of cards, eight people = eight cards for example.

After reading that, here's a couple of questions with answers.
What size?  Any size is fine
Include envelopes? Envelopes are preferred, especially if you use non-traditional size cards 
How should I package them?All in one zip lock bag with your first/last name and which swap category it is on it (adult birthday, child birthday, thinking of you)
How do I label them?  If you want to label each card on the back you can, so people know which one you did.  Either way you also need to put your first / last name and which swap it is on your zip lock bag.
Can I join more than one Card Swap?  Yes, the more you do, the more variety you end up with! 

1.  Ribbon/Fiber Swap.  There would be two groups of six people.   We can do more groups if there is more interest but these are the two color categories:
A.  red - yellow - blue - purple - orange - green
B.  black - white - brown - metallic - pink - light blue

Here is how this one works:  you sign up for a particular color.   (You can email us OR you can comment on the Blog to do that).  First one to pick a color gets it.  Then you bring 6 yards of identical ribbon or fiber.  It does not have to be solid color, as long as it is predominantly the color you chose.  Cut these in 1 yard lengths.  Turn your ribbon/fiber in at the retreat and you get back 6 different ones, including the one you submitted.

2.  Embellishment Swap:  Also done by color (predominantly the color you choose).  You assemble six (6) identical "kits" of three (3) different embellishments each.  Some ideas to choose from:  
·        buttons (4 pc)
·        brads / eyelets (5 pc)
·        paper / silk flowers (3 pc)
·        rhinestones (5 pc)
·        1 yard fiber / ribbon
·        a sheet or half sheet of stickers
·        die cuts (1 large or 2-3 small)
·        a stamped image on cardstock. 

You get back sets for each of the six colors in your group, including the one you submit.
A.  red - yellow - blue - purple - orange - green
B.  black - white - brown - metallic - pink - light blue
Here is how this one works:  you can choose to just put colored embellishments together with no theme, or you can choose a theme that goes with your color.  For example if you pick orange you could do Halloween or Autumn.  Pink or light blue could be baby boy / baby girl theme.  Your die cuts or stamped images can go along with your theme.  If you don't have a theme you could still do die cuts of flowers or animals that go with the color you have.  When I say identical kits, some things can be slightly different, for example buttons and paper flowers.

Categories will be:
A1 - yellow, red, blue, purple, green, yellow
B1 - black, white, brown, metallic, pink, light blue

and A2, B2, A3, B3, etc. if we need more groups.  Colors for A* and B* will remain the same.  We will let you know which group you are in by posting on the Blog and emailing participants.

How should I package them?  i.e. make a kit?  The ribbons / fiber can all be in one zip lock bag together.  Each set of 3 embellishments needs to be in its own zip lock bag.  So you'll have six baggies.  To help keep it more organized, please put these in another bag, whether a plastic WalMart bag or another zip lock bag.
How do I label them? 
For the Ribbons/Fibers:  Put your first/last name and which group swap you are in on the outside of the zip lock bag.  Either write it with Sharpie or use a stick on label.
For the Embellishments:  Put your first / last name on each embellishment bag, and which group swap you are turning it in for.
Can I do more than one Embellishment Swap?  Yes, the more you do, the more variety you end up with!

So, come on!  This is going to be fun!  I love card swaps, but I LOVE the idea of the Embellishment SWAPS!  Can't wait!


  1. Thanks Janis! Here's an update as to what is available:
    Cards: you can sign up for any or all of the three categories:
    1. Adult Birthday
    2. Child Birthday
    3. Thinking of You
    For each category, you make 10 identical cards, and get 10 different ones back

    For the ribbon and embellishment kit swaps, we filled up the first groups, and now the second groups are open for sign-up.

    Ribbon / Fibers, here are what's available as of this moment:
    Group A2: Yellow, Blue, Purple, Green, Orange
    Group B2: Black, White, Brown, Metallic, Pink, Light Blue

    Embellishment Kits, here are what's available as of this moment:
    Group A2: Red, Purple, Green
    Group B2: Black, Metallic, Pink, Light Blue

    Please let me know if you'd like to sign up! It'll be like Christmas, getting stuff back for your swaps!

    ~ Suzy

  2. I can wholeheartedly agree to what Suzy's saying about the swaps. If you've never participated in a card swap, I think the best part is seeing what neat ideas your friends have come up with and how you can borrow their creativity to make something that will fit your needs and color palette (but shush, don't tell anyone I said that).

    In the embellishment and ribbon/fiber swaps it really is like Santa has come for a visit. You get back all these neat items to use on cards and scrapbook pages, some things may be new to you that you haven't tried before. I think it's very exciting.

  3. Yeah!!!! I finished my child birthday cards last evening. Now to get the other two done, wow that's 20 more cards. What was I thinking.. no seriously love it and can't wait to see what I get in return. Happy Scrapping!

    Vickie M.

  4. I agree Vickie, it is a lot of cards. . . and you have 10 more done towards 30 than I do! I plan to do all my paper cutting this weekend and I will assemble my cards at the Children's Miracle Network crop.
    ~ Suzy

  5. Yeah! I now have both my "Child Birthday" and "Missing You" cards done along with my having my embellishment kits put together... rainy days are good! Now to finish my "Adult Birthday" cards. At least I'm half way on them... Oh what to do next???

    Vickie M.

  6. Vickie - Well, you've surpassed me. I have one kind of card figured out, mulling over ideas on the child birthday....but nothing's cut out yet or put together. Ah, the procrastinator in me is excelling these days.

    On the other hand, I have found some cute rub-ons I'm putting into my light blue embellishments bag of goodies. I LOVE embellishments and playing with fibers almost as much as I love paper!

  7. Another Update on what is available for swaps sign-up as of 3/28/11:

    Ribbon / fibers:
    Group A2: Yellow, Blue, Purple, Green, Orange
    Group B2: I have cancelled it since none of the colors had been spoken for yet. Can re-open if there is enough interest!!

    Embellishment Kits, here are what's available as of this moment:
    Group A2: Red, Green
    Group B2: Black, Metallic, Pink, Light Blue


  8. Yeah, I have all of my ribbon/fiber swaps ready and organized. I've also got my embellishments sorted and packaged up. I have card ideas, but have yet to actually put them together. Hummm, wonder when I'm going to get them done? =-)