Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What is a SCRAP POOL?

Scrap Pool, huh?  Well, I can tell you that some people are going "huh?" and some people are literally jumping up and down!

Who doesn't have scrapbook stuff they have bought and have never even opened?  Or bought a scrapbook tool and MAYBE used it... once?

Well if you fall into this category AT ALL, the SCRAP POOL is for YOU!!!

Gather up your new and gently used scrapbook items, clearly label them with your NAME and PRICE.  Bring them to the Retreat where there will be a couple of tables set up for you to drop off your stuff and watch them sell like hotcakes!

Oh, and don't forget to shop early AND often because let me tell you... this stuff goes FAST!!!
So, come on!  Get into your scrapbook stuff and clean it out and bring your stuff to the retreat where you will "clean up"!  You'll be amazed how much stuff you can get rid of!


  1. I have a full box and still looking for things, Can't wait to see what I can buy. (Becky Pearce)

  2. I've been putting things in a box to bring since the last retreat in October. I'm sure there will be plenty of items I want to buy as well. Can't wait!

    Vickie M.

  3. I am going to bring some things to sell so I can make room for all the new things I am just going to NEED to purchase. :)

  4. Oh goody, it sounds like there will be some good stuff to choose from at this year's tables. I have to say that at your Fall Retreat, Suzy and I got rid of a BUNCH of stamps we didn't use anymore and some tools we thought we'd use but didn't.