Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It's Almost TIME! And I'm ALMOST Packed... are you?

Well... this is it!  Tonight is my last night to pack!  My group and I will be heading to Branson in the morning.  We plan to be there about 9:30 or so and start the unpacking and setting up.

I just wanted to wish you all luck with your final preparations and be sure to travel safely when you do get on the road!  If you need anything... like directions!!!  Don't hesitate to call me on my cell... 417-880-2426.

We will see you when you get there!

Ok... I really can't wait now!!!

Stone Castle Hotel and Conference Center 
(just in case you need it!)
So, come on!  Get some rest, then get your car loaded and be careful driving to Branson!

Happy traveling and see you when you get there!

1 comment:

  1. I've kept the map on my desk at work all week - it's kept me going . Hasn't helped with the procrastination though . I've got a lot of packinjg to do tonight. Looking forward to seeing everyone there!