Friday, April 8, 2011

We are getting SO CLOSE NOW!

Are you packed yet?  Maybe I should just ask... ARE YOU READY!

I am going to an all day crop tomorrow.  I really can't believe I am doing that... less than a week before the retreat.  Do you know what that means?  That means I have some AWESOME people helping me get ready.

Here is my SHOUT-OUT to my awesome friends and helpers..

Vickie Alcorn
Lavon McGinnis
Beth Bruner
Suzy Bruner
Michelle Leigh
Becky Pearce
Lyla Crawford
Deb Cunningham (and she's not even attending the retreat!)
and if I've missed someone... I'm SO SORRY!

Well, I've done about all I can do today (which included finishing up embellishing a prom dress for a friend's daughter... yes, I am now certified crazy!).

But wait.  I think we need one last  

You are going to have to work fast.  Any email or blog entry after Monday night will not be  counted!  We HAVE to have time to calculate this crazy amount of tickets that have been given away over the past 4 weeks!   

Have you had fun earning tickets?
Have you had fun with the blog?

Simply email me and answer both of those questions and you will earn

Leave a Blog message under this post, with the answers, and earn  

And that will be the END of tickets before the retreat!  But don't despair... you will be able to win MORE at the RETREAT!!!


I truly can't wait to see you ALL!!!

If you have any questions, do NOT hesitate to send me an email or give me a call... I LOVE questions and comments!
So... off to finish packing for the Crop tomorrow, which will benefit the Children's Miracle Network, what an awesome cause! 

Just another reminder... get on the blog and earn those tickets on there as it will shut down (for ticket earning) Monday night! 

Happy packing!


  1. Love the blog & the emails! And I'm looking forward to seeing what you have planned for the new way to win prizes. I think your retreat is the very BEST, and appreciate all your hard work (and your helpers! Thanks, Ladies!).

    See you soon!!

  2. I have had fun with the blog and most definately earning tickets! Yeah!


  3. Love the tickets Janis....Love your retreat...need help posting on the blog!!!!!See ya @ CMN!

  4. I LOVE winning tickets, still getting used to blogging.

  5. Carol here....I am so looking forward to the retreat and enjoy all the updates on what will or is happening. I brag about your retreats all the time and now ......a lot more people are wanting to come!!Sorry.

  6. Yes I have had fun earning tickets and reading the blog.

    Julie Windle

  7. Love earning tickets. Great way to build anticipation for the crop. Enjoyed the blog, keeps us up to date and informed. You are awesome Janis! Keep it up.
    Alexa M.

  8. Debbie VennekotterApril 9, 2011 at 10:19 AM

    I love the blog- first time for me but it was so much fun- the emails have been great and the way you had us get tickets was really fun! Can't wait for the retreat- you and your peeps do such a great job with it all! See you soon

  9. Ok maybe I can get a post in finally.
    I like the blog but I guess because I am not a regular user of the blog I forget from one time to the next what to do. That is from going to sleep. ha and getting old.
    I love the email because that is what I am more accustomed to. Can't wait to meet everyone and get some great ideas.

  10. Still not good at the blog thing but at least I can post a comment now. Am more familiar with email. Lyla

  11. Love them both. I love checking the blog to see what new posts are on it, even if no ticket opportunities. For me, it's more fun than Facebook. See you come Thursday.

  12. Love the blog and earning tickets for all those wonderful prizes you give away!!! Can't wait...

    Vickie M.

  13. Hi Janis, it was great being at CMN with you today. What a wonderful table-saver you and Lavon were!

    YES I love the ticket opportunities!!
    YES your blog is CRAZY fun!!

    Now when do I count these tickets out for everybody? LOL

    ~ Suzy

  14. I love earning tickets & I love the blog if I knew how to use ur better. But I so like reading the comments.

    Tammie Dawn

  15. Janis...Yes, or course I have enjoyed winning the tickets! Keep adding them up for me...
    AND..I love to read the blog. It is nice to see what everyone else is saying and I think it helps me become a little more aquainted with those I don't know as well

  16. Oh yes, the above comment is from me, Lavon. I got so excited about the tickets that I forgot to add my name. :) Lavon

  17. Okay, I have to agree completely with Alexa about the blog. I enjoy the email too, but there's anticipation with the blog. More interaction, and I can log on whenever I have time.
    Janis, you're absolutely awesome and we love you! The ladies helping you set up on Wednesday and helping with all this prep are fabulous!! You all pull it off and make these events so special. Thank you!!

    I'm not finished packing supplies yet, haven't started on clothes at all, but be assured, I HAVE A LIST!!!

  18. Oh, forgot to mention, if anyone needs to print photos, there is a special starting today at Walgreens 75 prints of $9.99 and the code is travel75. (there's a Walgreens in Branson, not far from our hotel on 76 and Gretna)

  19. I have had fun earning tickets and keeping up with the blog. I have no idea what is up for grabs with these tickets but from everything I have heard "I want ticket. I need tickets, or I'll regret not having tickets" I am so looking forward to this! I may be a probie at Janis' retreat, but I'm all for FUN, and scrapbooking!!!

  20. Janis, I have enjoyed reading your blogs & always trying to get the tickets.
    Pam M

  21. Have you had fun earning tickets? You Bet
    Have you had fun with the blog? Not so much, maybe one day, I'll figure it out!!!


  22. Tickets and the games with them at the retreat are fun and yes I do enjoy it.
    The blog is even more enjoyable reading everyone's post and iteracting prior to the retreat!
    For any first timers, especially if new to blogging....once you are at the retreat you will see that it is all worth it!
    THanks to all the exceptional ladies helping you put this together.

  23. I always love the blog you have for the retreats. It kind of extends the retreat and we all get to know each other before the retreat


  24. love the tickets Janis....having trouble with the email and lots of trouble with the blog!!!

  25. I'm sorry some of you have had problems with the blog. I wish there was some way I could help you all out. I think it's a wonderful way to get to know each other ahead of the retreat and just build the fun early! Maybe I should have a BLOG class at the retreat!!

  26. I can't believe that its finally here - the blog was great - I am sooo looking forward to getting away and turning off my brain for awhile - away from the stress -

    Tammy Flippen

  27. Tysha says:

    Love the blog & love earning tickets!

  28. Love the tickets! Love to blog!!! Love you Janis!!!!! You're the best den mother a crazy scrapbooking family has ever had.