Sunday, April 10, 2011

Just Posting My To-Do List for Today.

I got up this morning after a very well rested night,  I must have needed that get-away yesterday to a Crop that I had nothing to do with, as far as planning!  Plus, I did some stretching exercises (thanks to my friend, BettyAnn) and I didn't have ONE leg or foot cramp to disturb my sleep!  So I woke up in a GREAT MOOD!  Ready to tackle the day!

And here's my TO-DO list for TODAY! (including some statuses)
  • WalMart run (last batch of stuff for the retreat) - DONE... did that at 9am)
  • Get Nails done - putting that one off til Tuesday, when I'm off for the afternoon
  • Office Depot run to get ink cartridges - didn't go to Office Depot because when my sister came over for coffee, she told me about a great sale going on at the HP website... ordered it online, saved some $$ and will have them Tuesday!
  • Hem my TShirts because they were so long, they hung below my knees - DONE
  • Get my SWAPS done - still pending!
  • Get all the Cricut Cartridges labeled and packed - DONE
  • Pack TShirts - Pending
  • Print pictures of my Grandkids for 2 - 2page layouts I did yesterday so I can show the April Special at the Retreat - DONE
  • Print 2011 FALL Registration forms - DONE
  • Figure out how to print pictures on my new HP printer - DONE (and this was HUGE!)
  • Finish Ice Breaker Game and print - DONE (oooh!  this is going to be so much fun!)
  • Unload car and repack for retreat - Pending
  • Laundry done for work this week - Pending
  • Get Food Order done and ready to turn in Tuesday - DONE
  • Finalize Welcome Brochures, Print and Fold - DONE 
  • Pack some more stuff - Pending... always!
  • Go help out my sister who was stranded on the Pricecutter's parking lot!  (THAT wasn't on my original list, but came up in the middle of the day! - DONE
  • Watch as many episodes of LOST as I can get into one day! - pending.... I'm on Episode 7 of the 1st Season and I just atarted it today!  I totally did not know it was streaming on Netflix!  WOOHOO! - thanks Suzy!
Ok, I'm going to stop now and come back on later to update!  Phew!  That made me tired!


  1. Janis, let me tell you, LOST can really suck you in! And I have time to kill since I'm between jobs at the moment. You better get busy with those swaps, girl!

    ~ Suzy

  2. Wow, that's some list. My list doesn't even dare compare, but I have a feeling that some of the things on my sister, Suzy's list will end up on my list this week.

    Janis, LOST is really addictive. Hope you enjoy it, but it gets a little creepy in Season One with The Others, polar bear, and black fog.

  3. I love Lost, Beth. I watched it faithfully when it was on TV. I was talking to Suzy the other night and she was telling me about watching it on Netflix. I was so excited! Now, on weekends, instead of having some stupid something on while I'm working around the house, I'm running episodes of it all day long! I just love hearing all of those voices I'm so familiar with! Ok, maybe not the polar bear and the smoke monster and definitely NOT The Others!!!

  4. It is still pretty early on Monday morning and I just finished reading your blog. I have to say that I am SO exhausted from reading what you have done and have pending that I don't know if I have energy to do what I need to do!!! My goodness, woman, take a breath!!! Of course, I have always heard if you need something done, ask a busy person. So....I think I will be sending you my list. :) (Love You) Lavon

  5. Janis, I'm glad you're enjoying Lost again. My clothes are all packed and I have some more craft supplies to gather up but I'm just about ready to go. See you all in a few days!